I remember the biggest halibut I ever hooked l…

I remember the biggest halibut I ever hooked like it was yesterday. I was out with Big Tom in his Boston Whaler. We were at an undisclosed location in Day Harbor, the bay just east of ours. I was about 9 years old. Big Tom had fallen asleep with his pole in his hand, and my 9 year old brain was getting bored. Then…. thump. Thump thump. Then that all familiar pause, then the biiiig pull. I let it take it, then gave it the long hard yank….. it was on!!! Tom woke up, grumbled something unintelligible, looked at how it was fighting and said “skate”. Sure enough, it was coming up like a piece of plywood. And not ¼ inch plywood, this was like inch and a half tongue and groove…. I struggled like that for about 45 minutes, then a shape began to appear…. HALIBUT!!! Tom woke up again and told the other guy with us to grab the spear. I got it up to the top and the guy threw….. right into the tail. The halibut gave a big slap of the tail, dislodging the spear head, then spit the hook. Never to be seen again. By all of our recollections that halibut was at least 760 pounds.
Maybe even a solid 1000.
Whats the biggest fish that you’ve ever let get away?

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